Transition Town Margaret River

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Presentation – introducing Transition Margaret River

By Karen Majer

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Transition Margaret River is a grass-roots community group, part of the worldwide Transition Network.

It’s a community-led local approach to creating a more sustainable, resilient, happier society in the face of challenges in today’s world, especially climate change, economic uncertainty and unsustainable resource use.

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We formed in 2012, recognising the need for a group to tackle the issues of becoming a more sustainable community. Transition provided a good model of a positive local approach. At that stage there were several organisations focusing on specific issues.

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Over the years, more activities started up, and we took on a networking function, supporting other groups and providing the big-picture story.

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Climate Emergency Australia Case Study – AMR Shire

Karen Majer and Naomi Godden presented on 19 July at a national Climate Emergency Australia webinar for local government. They showcased the AMR Shire (and Queenscliffe in Victoria) to hear about our process for climate change action and what we learned. You can view the presentation at the link below.

Climate Emergency Australia Case Study AMR Shire – PowerPoint

The presentation has narration; to hear it, download the PowerPoint file to your computer and use PowerPoint’s “Slide Show – Start From Beginning” function to view the full presentation. If you do not have PowerPoint, you can download Mobile PowerPoint from the Microsoft Store (select ‘Available on All Devices’ to be able to find it) and use that app to view the PowerPoint. It will prompt you to log in, but just dismiss these prompts and you can use the viewer without logging in.

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Death and Dying Matters Survey Results

Report from DDM Survey 2021

First off, thank you to everyone who spent time filling out the DDM survey.  In reading all of the surveys certain themes came forward.  The report will be based on these themes.  I will then give a few examples from the responses. All of the surveys are on file if more information is needed.

Why I believe Death and Dying Matters Augusta Margaret River is a valuable group?

The themes that came from these responses were – Awareness, Information, Communication.


               Made me aware of all the aspects of my life that would be important to sort out sooner        rather than later to make it easier for the descendants.

               It has been filling a huge need in awareness around Death and Dying for locals in Margaret     River and the Cape to Cape region.


               It makes people more aware of options when their time comes.

               It clarifies many issues we are very confused about …and we resist thinking about, as we    think we have TIME.


               It encompasses a very important topic which is not openly discussed.

               I believe Australians have an unhealthy view of death and dying and by discussing and               sharing views it advances a more positive attitude towards death. It is good for mental


These are the things DDM has done that I think are beneficial to me or the community.

The themes that came from these responses were – ACP, Natural Burials, Information, Communication.

Advance Care Planning:

               Information/assistance in preparing an Advanced Care Directive

Natural Burials:

               Taken signatures of community support for Natural Burials. Liaised with the Shire &               pursued the search for a burial site that is as ecologically supportive of a MR future in               reducing our carbon footprint, without resorting to cremations & embalming. 


               Greater awareness of options, obligations and support networks.

               Created a good information resource for interested people.


               Open and honest discussion in a safe and welcoming environment

               Encouraged me to think deeply about death, self acceptance and my relationship with         Nature and the Divine.

These are the part or parts of DDM that I’m passionate about.

The themes that came from these responses were – Natural Burials, Communication, Information and Awareness.

Natural Burials:

               I look forward to the opening of the Natural Burial Ground hopefully later this year.


               I do support any efforts you have to promote the needed conversations on D and D….. cuz     it matters!

               Bringing death into our everyday lives…normalising a very normal aspect of life!

Information and Awareness:

               Providing access to information on options and possibilities for planning & our rights   regarding dying.

               Desire that the community be informed and take ownership of their own and loved ones         mortality.

These are some things I would be passionate about for DDM to do in the future.

The themes that came from these responses were – Advance Care Planning, Natural Burials, Communication.

Advance Care Planning:

               A WORKSHOP ON COMPLETING A Advanced Health Directive.

Natural Burials:

               To establish a place where one can be buried, or ashes put, other than a cemetery… a place       of nature.

               Have an opening event for the natural burial ground and invite the community/press.


               Getting DDM better known in general community.

               Facilitating/lead/co create workshops/talking circles in order to create awareness and keep   the momentum going.

Anything else you would like to say or contribute?

               The U3A Course was very worthwhile.

               Please continue with the services you provide now. They are much appreciated.

               Well done and keep up the good work.

This report was written by Paul Barlow.  If you have any questions about it you can contact him at